Master of Ceremonies
Mac is one of the foremost MCs in the industry, actively engaging audiences with his charismatic personality and ability to connect with people across various backgrounds and beliefs. Mac will keep your audience intrigued and interested while bringing across the point in a fun and enjoyable manner.

Mac and the team have vast experience in the media industry. These skills are put to use to assist companies with the creation, distribution, and management of media content and strategies. Our aim is to allow companies to engage with their target audiences through relevant media channels with compelling content, distributed effectively and measuring the performance continuously to achieve the business objectives.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Creative Services
  • Digital Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Content Distribution
  • Analytics and Reporting

Quality training is imperative to a struggling economy where a huge percentage of citizens are unemployed. At MMIH we strive to bring knowledge, skills, and abilities to people, enabling and equipping them with the right tools for future success. It is a crucial aspect of personal and professional development. The benefits of training are numerous. For individual, it can lead to increased job satisfaction, improved performance, and greater opportunities for advancement. For organisations, it can result in increased productivity, better quality of work, and reduced costs. We look forward to assisting you on your training journey.

Corporate Gifts and Clothing
Mac Moleli Investment Holdings provides our customers with premier corporate clothing and gifts that meet all your corporate branding needs. The importance of branding and appearance cannot be overestimated, and with our dedication to excellence, you can rest assured that we will match the level of professionalism and quality that you demand. 
Service Summary
  • Promotional Products
  • Apparel
  • Headwear
  • Workwear
  • Display
  • Custom Products

Public Appearance and Speaking
Mac is available for Public Speaking and Appearances. He is able to communicate the message clearly, concisely and effectively. Having to deal with such a vast array of topics as an investigative journalist for the popular Carte Blanche, Mac can speak with confidence and authority on important topics and gets the audience to feel engaged and entertained. Mac’s authenticity is refreshing, and he has a true ability to empathise and connect with the audience, finding ways to share topics and information that matters.

Social Entrepreneurship
At MMIH we take a social entrepreneurial approach that combines entrepreneurial principles with social impact goals. We want to create innovative solutions to social and environmental problems, while we also grow sustainable profits in a responsible manner. We want to change society for the better, using business principles to address pressing social issues. If you want to get involved or start a project, please talk to us to see if we can help.

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