Agriculture (Farming, Processing, Manufacturing)

We offer farming solutions, products and services to help farmers improve productivity, efficiency and profitability. Farmers face unique challenges, and we aim to support the farming community to ensure food security for the country.

Our range of offerings include the following:

  • Precision agriculture technologies
  • Agricultural inputs
  • Farm machinery and equipment
  • Farm management software
  • Training and education

We are involved in various food processing projects in South Africa. We transform the raw agricultural products into food products that can be consumed by humans or animals. This involves a range of techniques and technologies such as cleaning, sorting, milling, cutting, cooking, freezing and packaging.

Our farming manufacturing services include designing, engineering, and manufacturing of farming equipment that is efficient, durable, and reliable. We use technologies and materials to produce equipment that can withstand harsh farming conditions and provide superior performance. Typically, our processes include 3 main stages, these are Design, engineering, and prototyping.

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